internal regulations of the parking area for campers ‘de zwerver’


The moment you enter the parking area and have passed the barrier, you have to pay for your stay.


The payment is done in cash in the info at point-of-sale terminal. The access ticket needs to be entered in the blue automat for exiting the parking area (by the driver).


  • The parking area is an area without surveillance. The owners do not supervise and the surveillance of the vehicle is not a responsibility of the parking area “De Zwerver”.
  • Parking spaces cannot be booked. In the meanwhile, if you leave the area with your camper, we cannot guarantee that you will have the same lot as when you first arrived or that there will still be a place available.
  • The parking area is exclusively reserved for campers.
  • Putting up a tent next to the camper needs to be permitted by the proprietor.

==>All other vehicles like caravans and tents are not allowed to park or to spend the night.


  • Everyone needs to abstain from all actions that could damage the purity, the hygiene, and the view of the parking area.
  • You need to leave the parking area immediately when you display maladjusted behaviour or commit acts of vandalism.

==>Visitors are allowed, but the responsibility lies with the user. Visitors cannot park their vehicles on the parking area.


  • Pets are allowed on condition that they are kept on a leash and that its owners clean up the droppings. If this is not cleaned you will receive a fine of € 50.00.
  • Pets cannot be left behind in the camper or on the parking area.


Between 10 PM and 8 AM you have to respect everyone’s sleep.


  • Barbecuing is allowed at the provided place at the building ‘Plan B’/bicycle shed. – It is not allowed to do this near the camper because of fire risk and damages to the pavement. – This place needs to be cleaned up neatly.
  • Remove the awning, tent, tables, chairs, etc. when you are not around.
  • Children should not be left unsupervised.
  • You cannot hang a clothesline on the poles or the installations of the parking area, you can however set up a clothes-horse.
  • The entrance of the parking area, the building, the dumping site, the barbecue, and the discharge point are under camera surveillance. These images can and/or shall be used to avoid criminal offences, to prevent, to prove, and to relate illegal dumping and vandalism.

==>It is forbidden to make an open fire at all times.
==>Generators are forbidden.


  • The parking area is open every single day, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • The stand used always needs to be clean and no garbage can be left behind. The garbage needs to be correctly sorted and deposited in the correct bin: paper and cardboard, plastic bottles, metal lids, and cartons, glass and residual waste are sorted and deposited in the provided bins. Sceptical water and waste water need to be drained at the entrance of the parking area. For sceptical water this happens in the sanistation and for waste water this happens in the sewer.
  • For everyone’s safety, any defects need to be reported to the proprietor at the number: 0032 474 66 95 26.
  • The parking area has a speed limit of 5 km/h.

==>It is forbidden to park in front of the barrier.
==>For safety measurements it is forbidden to walk underneath an open barrier.
==>Private property cannot be entered.


  • Using the SEP KEY: 20 euros of which 16 euros are the guarantee and 4 euros are for using the showers, for washing-up, for using the airing cupboard and the washing machine.
  • The toilets stay open 24 hours a day.
  • The showers are open from 8 AM till 8 PM; during the summer holidays from 8 AM till 9 PM.
  • The door for the shower for the differently abled people remains closed. You can get the key provided that you give a 50-euro guarantee.
  • Order and neatness in the showers and the toilets is pleasant for everyone.
  • The chemical toilette cannot be drained in the toilet. The drainage happens at het entrance of the parking area at the provided place.
  • The sanitary facilities are cleaned at regular times.

==>It is forbidden to smoke in the sanitary facilities as in the entrance.
==>For hygienic reasons, you cannot do the dishes in the shower room. You need to do this at the other side of the building. Nevertheless, if you should do this, you risk getting a 50-euro fine.


Fire Department/Ambulance: 112
Police: 101
Police of the West Coast: 0032 58 53 30 00
Poisons Advice Centre: 0032 70 245 245
Doctors on call: 0032 58 23 00 14,
Pharmacists on call: 0032 903 922 48,
Dentists on call: 0032 903 399 69,
the veterinarian:

If the emergency services are notified, please hereby also call this number so the emergency services can have access to the terrain: 0032 474 / 66.95.26


  • The parking area cannot be held responsible for damage or theft that could happen to the user’s camper.

==>It is not allowed to do acts of trading or to make publicity.

We hope you have a nice stay at the parking area.
With friendly regards,
the proprietors.

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